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Hot Diggity Dog

Smooth hands. A light touch. It can get him in anywhere. He’s the “Snatch Bandit.” Hot diggity dog! Here he comes now… Alexander Tuesday, a reformed jewel thief, is recruited by the government and sent under cover to recover a famous diamond from a mob kingpin.

Lenght: 01:00:22

Year: 1990

Director: Scotty Fox

Alexandra Quinn   
Sunny McKay   
Joey Silvera   
Randy West   
Tom Byron   

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Dossiers Nymphomanes En Ruts

Two inspectors come to investigate at a villa after the death of a man who lived alone with three women. Strange death because the man was in full health. They discover that the 3 ladies are real nymphomaniacs and realize that the victim died of pleasure. Our two policemen decide to stay.

Lenght: 00:56:28

Year: 1983

Director: Gilbert Roussel

Andre Kay   
Jacky Arnal   
Christine Coireau   
Patrick Rack   
Sylvie Door   
Sylvain Nadar   
Francoise Comte   
Diane Suresne   
Carole Pierac   

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Lickity Pink

Lickity Pink brings you the incredible Krystina King & some of the sexiest babes on film. The cocks are hard, the girls are ready, & the cum is flying!!! A wet, pink tongue is a terrible thing to waste. Lickity Pink up and down. Lickity Pink all around, Lickity Pink on your back, Lickity Pink in the sack. Start licking!

Lenght: 01:15:21

Year: 1990

Director: Scotty Fox

Kristina King   
Raven Richards   
Susan Vegas   
Mike Horner   
Randy Spears   
Steve Vegas   
Wayne Summers   

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Nymphomanes Et Sexes Gloutons

Lenght: 00:59:22

Year: 1983

Director: Michel Ricaud

Martine Vaugirard   
Michelle Villers   
Nathalie Idoux   
Christian El Precoce   
Serge Vincente   

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Head Nurse

Lenght: 01:13:07

Year: 1989

Director: Buck Adams

Carol Cummings   
Christina Evol   
Stephanie Page   
Tabetha Foxx   
Talia James   
Dean James   
Gary Vann   
Don Fernando   
Johnny Angel   
Ron Jeremy   
Sean Michaels   

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Die heissen Nachte Der Josefine Mutzenbacher

Josefine Mutzenbacher runs a place named “Artists’ Paradise”. Dr. Hofbauer, a frequenter of this establishment, stages a surprise spectacle for the patrons, which serves as a pretext for an orgy. Josefine and her girls go to the country for a picnic where they encounter a hunting party of gentlemen. One of them is Herr Kirchner who tells Josefine that his good-for-nothing guy Loisl is going to Vienna to learn carpentry. He sends Loisl to Josefine’s house. Josefine and Annie give him a detailed lesson. Then, Loisl goes to Meister Wehringer to become his apprentice. Wehringer has an inquisitive girl named Maria. Loisl tells her about his experiences at Josefine’s house and attempts to give her a lesson himself. However, Wehringer catches them. He fires Loisl and says that he’ll write to his dad about his misconduct. In desperation Loisl goes to Josefine.

Lenght: 01:47:03

Year: 1981

Director: Hans Billian

Andrea Werdien   
Margitta Hofer   
Melitta Berger   
Monika Zierer   

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Blow Dry

An XXX-rated take on “Shampoo”, this big-budget artsy New York comedy tells the story of Pepe, an ambitious, virile hairdresser with dreams of opening his own salon, who relaxs his way to the top (and the bottom) on his way there.

Lenght: 01:13:07

Year: 1976

Director: David Secter

Crystal Sync   
Helen Madigan   
Kristin Steen   
Peonies Jong   
Michael Gaunt   
R. Bolla   

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Anal Alice

Lenght: 01:21:15

Year: 1993

Director: Ron Jeremy

Corby Wells   
Deborah Wells   
Saki St. Jermaine   
Stephanie DuValle   
Alex Berry   
Dick Nasty   
Mark Davis   

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On My Ass

1980’s porn from Dino’s Downtown Label. DT 3014 Jugendverbot.

Lenght: 01:23:51

Year: 1989

Director: Dino

Deborah Wings   
Jaqueline Fame   
Spider Head   
Rick Shadow   
Larry Holmes   

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